Emma White, a buddy of Ms Bulley, claimed police are attempting to find her final identified actions from information on her Fitbit train tracker.

She informed the Mail on Sunday: “The watch can obtain information, however can not hook up with the web. Nonetheless, we hope they’ll in some way find it utilizing Bluetooth indicators from individuals’s telephones. We’re clinging to hope.”

She added that  the Fitbit has not “synced” with its servers because the Tuesday earlier than Nicola’s disappearance. 

Superintendent Sally Riley of Lancashire Police stated inquiries to this point had left a 10-minute window during which they can not account for Ms Bulley’s actions.

Ms Riley stated: “We stay open to any inquiries that may lead us to query that, however right now we perceive that she was by the river.

“Our foremost working speculation, subsequently, is that Nicola has sadly fallen into the river, that there isn’t a third-party or prison involvement and that this isn’t suspicious, however a tragic case of a lacking individual.

“That is significantly necessary as a result of hypothesis in any other case will be actually distressing for the household and for Nicola’s kids.”

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