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Ripple’s chief technical officer, David Schwartz, has weighed in on a proposal to extend transaction charges on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) in proportion to the worth of transactions to spice up XRP’s worth

The XRP neighborhood is in a heated debate over the proposal to extend transaction charges to spice up the worth of the controversial token.
The dialogue began when Twitter consumer @Kneteknilch prompt an modification to extend transaction charges in proportion to the worth of transactions to spice up XRP’s worth.
David Schwartz, Ripple’s chief technical officer, responded to the proposal, stating that he agrees that transaction charges ought to replicate the precise value a transaction imposes on the community.
Nevertheless, the architect behind the XRP Ledger disagreed with the notion of utilizing transaction payment destruction as a man-made mechanism to place upward stress on XRP’s worth.
Schwartz additional defined that the benefit of the XRPL is low-cost, high-speed transaction affirmation. Nonetheless, he believes that node operators mustn’t subsidize transactions whose worth is lower than their complete value.
In line with Schwartz, if the transaction payment is lower than the precise value of a transaction, executing the transaction might destroy worth and discourage individuals from operating nodes. In distinction, if the payment is greater than the associated fee, there could be useless friction.
Twitter consumer Chris Thompson joined the dialogue, suggesting that the payment would should be giant sufficient to discourage a selected transaction. He questioned whether or not introducing a heavy transaction kind was essential to discourage its use.
Schwartz responded, stating that the XRP Ledger already has a greater answer to this problem. If the transaction is out of the node’s functionality, the node can merely flag it off, stopping its execution.
Total, the XRPL neighborhood is split on the proposal to extend transaction charges to spice up XRP’s worth.
The dialogue is ongoing, and it stays to be seen whether or not any amendments to the XRPL transaction payment construction might be made.

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